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Braces For Kids

Feller Orthodontics is the best place in Las Vegas to get braces for your kids. Your children will receive the best orthodontic care in a happy family friendly office.

kids love coming to our office. The best part is that they are also receiving advanced orthodontic care.

  • Children as young as 7 may need orthodontic care

  • Special Needs Children

Early Treatment
Palm Trees

Patient Appreciation

We have a special promotion for your kids called “beach bucks.” basically, we give out really cool stuff just for them coming in for their appointments.

Every couple of months we have a huge party for our patients. If there is a really good movie out we treat all of our patients to “Movie Night!” last time there wasn’t any good movies out so we had a bowling party! We are talking about 80 lanes of patients and there families having a good time!

We run many different contests all year long. Some of our patients even end up winning more than one!

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