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The Finest Smiles in Las Vegas

Dr. Jed Feller and his staff of experienced orthodontists are dedicated to providing excellent, personalized care to all of their patients in Las Vegas. With years of experience in the field, Dr. Feller has established a reputation as one of the leading practices in Las Vegas , NV for invisalign braces and other orthodontic treatments.
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D.M.D. Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Jed Feller

Hello, I'm Dr. Jed Feller! Thank you for your interest in our services here at Feller Orthodontics. Enjoy looking around our website and learning about Braces, Invisalign and how we'll give you the best smile that modern technology has to offer. We know that every person is special and unique. That’s why we take the time to get to know every patient one-on-one. Our staff is easy to talk to, and their goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Nothing puts a smile on our faces like putting a lasting smile on yours. See you soon!

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Why Feller Orthodontics is the place to go...

At Feller Orthodontics, we understand that each person is unique and no two smiles are the same. That’s why we strive to provide individualized care for every patient. Visit the best pediatric orthodontist in Las Vegas, NV today to learn more about the orthodontic services we offer and how we can help improve your smile! Get you clear braces now.

Whether you're looking for clear aligners or

traditional metal braces, Feller Orthodontics offers the

BEST version of both. With it's scientifically proven and time

tested results, when you choose Feller, you can be

SURE that you will have not only a more perfect and

visibly straighter smile but you will also have a smile that

will last longer and not need as much correction down

the road. Speaking of which, did you know that occurrs?

Every day there are people across the country going back in to an Orthodontist years after getting out of braces, who need them AGAIN? This is because, over time your teeth tend to start to move back to their natural position. As far as how to prevent this, the best solution is simply to do it right the first time and create a perfect smile that is the least likely to shift back to crooked over time. Not only do you want a perfect smile, but you only want to have braces ONCE! Of course. 

Spend far LESS TIME in braces with better treatment!


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An image of Invisible Aligners. From traditional braces and clear aligners to invisible braces, we have treatments designed for every lifestyle. With Feller Orthodontics, located in Las Vegas, NV, you can expect personalized care delivered with compassion and kindness throughout your entire experience with us.



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An image of traditional braces. Feller Orthodontics, the leading pediatric orthodontist in Las Vegas NV, offers a wide range of services including traditional braces, clear aligners and invisible braces that can help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve.
At Feller Orthodontics, we are committed to providing our patients with an outstanding level of care. We offer a wide range of services, for kids and adults, including traditional braces, clear aligners and invisible braces that can help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve. Visit our clinic in Las Vegas NV today and let us help you discover the possibilities available for improving your smile.

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2871 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas Nevada 89128

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Get your braces at our convenient location in Las Vegas, Nevada! Contact us today and we'll get you scheduled to see us and begin your complimentary exam at the nearest available time...

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