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The X Factor

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

In virtually every field, a combination of integrity, skill and experience are essential to ensuring competence and ultimately successful outcomes. We’ll visit the medical profession to illustrate the importance of experience in providing optimal care. We will assume a level playing field for all the other qualities previously described. In our dramatic example, you are suffering from cardiac blockage and require heart bypass surgery. All things being equal re: cardiologist’s integrity and skill… you have a choice of docs. The first doc just completed his/her fellowship training and the second has already successfully performed 100’s of bypass surgeries. Would you choose the 1st doc or the 2nd doc? If I were making the decision, it would be the 2nd doc in a “heartbeat”!

Orthodontic Specialty Programs

In orthodontic specialty programs, skill is measured and is a prerequisite to graduating and being awarded a specialty certification. Experience however is another thing altogether. The ability to gain valuable experience is very limited in orthodontic residency programs by the very design and structure of the program. They are relatively short, not more than 2 or 3 years.  In that limited time frame it just isn’t possible to evaluate and treat very many patients. The newly graduated orthodontist has acquired a limited set of skills but falls short on experience. Entering private practice, with little more than on the job training and learning does not make for healthy medicine.

Being An Orthodontist

Having successfully provided orthodontic care to 1000s of 9000 patients in our Las Vegas, NV community, I have gained the perspective and awareness of how valuable experience is in terms of providing exceptional patient care. Each patient is unique and presents with a unique set of problems.

And there are patient clinical situations that arise when blissful ignorance just isn’t an acceptable strategy. Additionally, experience also means that one knows what one doesn’t know. In such occasions the advice and council of one’s peers is invaluable.

Feller Orthodontics

At Feller Orthodontics, the measure of our practice is so much more than the friendliness of our team, the cleanliness of our office, the state of the art technology and the fun environment that brings happiness to our patients. The value and benefit of the care we provide goes so much deeper than what I just described. These attributes are intangible at first but are on display at the finale—the Beautiful Smile. Knowledge and skill sets are essential and critically important as previously noted. But the X factor is the Experience of the doctor as measured by the exceptional smiles and bite outcomes. These are truly the hallmark of our practice over these many years. And that is why we have gained the trust of our community as evidenced by the interpersonal relationships we have established with generations of families.

Did You Know?

Feller Orthodontics offers many options for orthodontic treatment care. We cater to people of all ages who would love to have their teeth straightened. Some would prefer to avoid wearing traditional braces, affectionately referred to as a mouthful of metal. Although braces are sometimes seen as a “right of passage” for teenagers, we feel that it is important that you find a treatment plan that is right and comfortable for you no matter how old you are.

We offer clear, or invisible braces with both Invisalign and SureSmile. This clear alternative to braces consists of a series of aligners that straighten your teeth over time as you move between aligners. On a personal note, I have been shocked, dismayed and alarmed over the past couple of years at some of the orthodontic care that has been provided to patients in our community. Whether it is “care” provided by Do It Yourself/Treat Your Own Teeth companies like Smile Direct. Or by dental “professionals” that lack the training and skill sets necessary to provide proper orthodontic care. In all too many instance, the Hippocratic oath, of doing no harm, has fallen on deaf ears. Sadly, in the last few years this oath has been violated far too often.

As an orthodontic specialist and expert in digital technology and diagnosis you can rest assured that we value safety first. Dr. Feller is supremely qualified to use any clear aligner product to successfully move teeth. Whether it is Invisalign or SureSmile it is not about the plastic treatment choice but rather the experience and skill sets of the clinician. This distinction means that as an orthodontic specialist in this type of treatment we are able to offer efficiency, precision and affordability.

Call Us Today!

Call Feller Orthodontics today to schedule a complimentary smile exam to see if you are a candidate for this discreet way to have the smile you have always wanted!

Want To Know More About Personalized Orthodontic Care? Call Feller Orthodontics Today!

When you are looking for an orthodontist, you want to search for an experienced professional who is board certified, attended the best specialty training program, and is active in their professional organizations and communities. When you meet Dr. Feller, you’ll find he is exactly that. He brings that knowledge and experience to his patients, young and old, providing exceptional orthodontic care. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the information we have shared or if you would benefit from orthodontic care at all, call us today at 702-341-8668 our. Dr Feller will examine your teeth and get you started on the best treatment plan for creating a lasting shining smile.

If you have any questions about early treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our office, Fellerg Orthodontics. Also please feel free to request a copy of our resource guide on early orthodontic care.

Call us today at 702-341-8668 or visit our website.

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